Thursday, 27 May 2010

Polaroid Series - Clydebank 10k

After the excitement of the weekend it was back to the serious business of 10k racing for me. Tonight was the Clydebank 10k, the second race in the Polaroid Series. I was hoping for a significant improvement in my poor start to the series last week at Helensburgh, not least because Clydebank is a flatter faster course. It was good to see a few more Victoria Park runners out this week - I think there were five of us competing tonight. All started off OK and I went through the first 2 or 3 km at a reasonable pace but by half way my pace had slipped back and I felt I was working very hard. Finished in 37.08 - a bit quicker than last week but I was still some way short of my target - where has my speed gone?

Another well organised race and I got a text on the way home to confirm my time and position - 46th position, gun time 37:10 and chip time 37:08.

Next up is Dumbarton, the fastest of the 4 races in this series.



  1. Found my legs still lacking power at Harrock Hill.
    My coach reckons on 5 weeks [after marathon] to get the elastic qualities back in my muscles.
    think your improve in the next few weeks!

  2. Hope you are right Rick....feel like I am putting a lot in and getting nowhere at the moment. Maybe running Monklands Half 3 weeks after London was a mistake.

  3. Marius Bakken said the following;
    "It is crucial to respect the first 2-3 weeks after a marathon. In that period the elastic elements of your muscular system is still down after the marathon effort and running a half marathon so close is not advisable. Preferably, you want to wait at least 4 weeks to race thereafter - and then at the most a 5-10k race. A half marathon should wait 6-7 weeks out".

    Mark I also think me running the waterloo 15k 'hard' knocked me back, as I'm running no way as fast as before London!
    But anyway i tend to find it takes until June before I'm flying again, but in future I think I will respect the above advice, maybe we could get away with racing again early when we were younger not maybe we need more recovery time nowadays!