Monday, 1 November 2010

Suzanne Vega

OK, so strictly speaking this is a running blog but had to mention a great night out last night to see Suzanne Vega at Oran Mor. The only link I can make is that Vega too has moved into the V50 category but is still in great form. Accompanied by Dublin born guitarist Gerry Leonard, kicking off with Marlene on the Wall, she worked her way through an impressive back catalogue. Some songs you had almost forgotten about and others that you could remember all the lyrics. There was some decent new material included as well but saving some of the best until last, her encore included Luka and Tom's Diner - timeless classics that take us back a long time before X Factor.


  1. She looks pretty good for 50!
    Well better than you and me :]

  2. That's not difficult Rick! but I think she would struggle to run a sub three marathon