Sunday, 5 December 2010

Severe weather continues

The bad weather has continued to prevent me training this week. I had planned an easy run this morning but a slight thaw yesterday followed by freezing temperatures overnight and another light dusting of snow on top of the ice made even a trip to Tesco a hazardous experience.

Last winter, the snow lay of the ground here from mid December right through to the middle of February but I still managed to train hard for the London Marathon. This was because the snow stayed as snow and was reasonably easy to run in for most of the time. At the moment, I am taking the opportunity for a rest before I start marathon training again. Later this week I hope to get out for some lunchtime training sessions as the paths are a bit better in the city centre - some training should be possible.

Above - some photos from my marathon training route last winter. Let's hope the snow starts to clear soon.


  1. Mark,
    last winter during the the period the snow turned to ice i used my X/C spikes, use short spikes and you should be able to run quite well without slipping.
    Or you could try modifing a pair of trainers, using small screws fixed into the tread is a trick used by guys living in colder countries than us, this allows for good grip in ice.
    nice photo's

  2. Another foot of snow today Rick! Running might be the only way I can get to work tomorrow. No buses, no trains and only 4 wheel drives on the roads tonight. Cars abandoned everywhere and the forecast is for -8c tonight!