Friday, 4 June 2010

How to run a PB at London!

I was amused by the story in the press this week about Anthony Gaskell the 69 year old Merseyside runner who was about to be awarded the 'fastest pensioner' title for his stunning performance at the London Marathon this year. However, his 3.05 time aroused suspicion because he was previously unheard of. After studying his split times it emerged he had completed the second half of the race in just over 40 minutes! Gaskell admitted taking a short cut and knocking 10 miles off. However, he claimed he didn't cheat, he had to drop out due to injury and took the shortest route to the finish to collect his belongings. Yes, presumably crossing the finish line and collecting his finishers medal on the way!

The fastest pensioner title was eventually awarded to its rightful owner, Cheshire based Colin Rathbone who finished in a speedy 3.05.51. Well done Colin - I only hope I am still running those sort of times when I reach 65!

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