Thursday, 3 June 2010

Polaroid Series - Dumbarton 10k

Tonight was the third race in the Polaroid Series, at Dumbarton. This is normally the fastest in the series, but not tonight! The temperature was still around 23c when the race started and I decided to take it easy for the first few km and then try and work my way through the field. All went to plan until about 6km but it was humid and it became a struggle to keep the pace going. At one stage I worried my time would be worse but I crossed the line in 37.38. Most of the talk after the race was about how difficult the conditions were and everyone's time seems to have been a little slower this week. A tough one tonight but this is the first of 5 races I am running in the next two weeks. My next race is the Chris Moon Half Marathon at Strathaven on Sunday.

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