Sunday, 26 September 2010

Heading for the Hills

It is a holiday weekend in Glasgow which gives me the opportunity for some high mileage running. Unusually the holiday weekend weather has been decent with some cold but bright mornings replacing the torrential rain we have had in the week.

On Friday I headed out for my last long run before the Kielder Marathon in 3 weeks time. I decided that instead of running the same route I have done for the last two weekends I would go out with the intention of running for 3 hours, mainly on the road, but not worry too much about the distance. I also wanted to include some climbing to help me prepare for what I might find at Kielder.

I set off along the McDonalds path to the Allander before hitting the Rangers path to the Tickled Trout before doubling back on the Auchenhowie Rd and right to Langbank and the steep climb to Baldernock Church. The first real climb of the day at 4 miles and over a mile of climbing before I drop down to the main Rd by Bardowie Loch. I have to run along the busy Balmore Rd for a mile before heading to the Canal by the paths through Cawder Golf Club. Once on the Canal it is a flat and steady run into Kirkintilloch. I head back along the main road back as far as the Stables and then along the Canal to Torrance. Here I head off into unknown territory, along the country lanes and some more hills before arriving back at Baldernock church. Here I turn right and more climbing before dropping down onto the Strathblane Rd and head for a lap of the Milngavie Reservoirs before running along the roads back home. I run 23 miles in three hours, including over 1000ft of ascent and I finished feeling quite strong. A great start to the weekend.

This morning I joined the Victoria Park Sunday club run from the Allander. I wasn't sure how my legs would feel after my Friday run. It was more hill running today and we covered some of the lanes I ran two days before. We ran a loop through Baldernock and then over the 'High Caves' taking us up some tough hills. A slight navigational blip meant we added an additional hill but I felt good and kept up with the group reasonably well. Shorter but much faster than my Friday run, we covered 9.3 miles in 67 minutes.

I am missing racing now though and I am planning to race next Sunday before easing off for two weeks to prepare for Kielder.

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