Thursday, 30 September 2010

A Tale of Three Marathons

On the day my 2011 London Marathon acceptance landed on the doormat, I am about to embark on a double marathon challenge during October. After my London Marathon entry form went astray last year, and it took numerous phone calls to get it sorted out, I was relieved to get my hands on my acceptance this year without any problems. It will be my 19th London Marathon and 17th consecutive one, having completed every one since 1995. Six months and sixteen days to go. Just the small matter of keeping fit, healthy and injury free before I take my place at Blackheath on Sunday 17th April 2011.

However, before that I am about to undertake a double marathon challenge - starting this Sunday when I run the Scotland Kilomathon a 26.2 km race just outside Edinburgh and taking in two crossings of the Forth Road Bridge. This is the first Kilomathon to be held in Scotland and so it is a bit of an unknown quantity but I have decided to run it as a final tune-up for the Kielder Marathon - a challenging trail marathon around the Kielder Reservoir in Northumberland.


  1. Wow! 19 London's great record!
    I'm planning both London and Liverpool in 2011
    Have a good race Sunday

  2. Cheers Rick - I am keen to do Liverpool next year too. Any chance that Jon S might make a come back for that one?

  3. Errr, well, he wants to, but 5 stone are kind of holding him back!

  4. Well he has plenty of time to prepare - I think he still has it in him